Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bond?
A bond is similar to a home mortgage. It is a contract to repay borrowed money with a stated interest rate over time. In Texas, most school districts utilize bonds to finance construction, renovations, and equipment.

Why is the District holding a bond election?
The Board of Trustees unanimously called for a November bond election to fund additional security projects, transportation and parking improvements, and updates to the 1977 Field House and stadium.

How was this proposal developed?
Over the past year, the Board of Trustees reviewed the findings of a District-wide facility assessment report, studied the District’s financial situation, considered Texas Education Agency requirements, and prioritized facility improvement projects for voter consideration.

Can bond money pay for teacher salaries?
No. By law, bond money may not be used for recurring expenses, such as salaries, utilities, and daily supplies.

How much will this bond cost?
Approximately $13.93 a year, or $1.16 a month, on the average $59,824 ISISD homestead.

How is the District’s total tax rate configured?
The total tax rate is comprised of 2 parts: 1. The Maintenance and Operations tax (M&O) pays recurring expenses, such as salaries, utilities, daily supplies, instructional materials, etc. 2. The Interest and Sinking tax (I&S), which pays for bond and capital improvement projects. Iraan-Sheffield ISD’s current total tax rate is $1.17. The proposed bond would add 4 cents to the I&S rate for a total tax rate of $1.21.

Will this bond max out the District’s tax rate?

Will my taxes go up if I am over 65 years of age?
No. By law, if you have applied for and have received an Age 65 or Older Exemption, your homestead taxes cannot be raised above the frozen level unless you make significant improvements or additions to your home. A significant improvement project would be anything beyond normal maintenance and repair, such as building a swimming pool or adding on a garage or game room to your home.

Why now?
Our parking lots, service vehicles, and Field House have served the District for many years. The cost to maintain and operate facilities and vehicles increases as they age. New facilities and vehicles are more efficient and cheaper to operate. New facilities are also embedded with safety features and technology.

When was the last successful bond election in Iraan-Sheffield ISD?
The last successful bond was in May 2010 for $15,000,000.

Will the schools be open during construction?
Yes. The projects would be phased for minimal disruptions to students and staff.

Are the designs available for viewing?
Not yet. The design phase happens after voters approve a bond with teacher, staff, and administrator input on how to best implement Iraan-Sheffield ISD’s program goals.

What makes up Iraan-Sheffield ISD’s taxable values?


97% of the District’s values come from oil and gas, wind farm, and Chapter 313 agreements.
3% of the District’s values come from property owners.



Who can vote?
Anyone at least 18 years of age and living within the boundaries of Iraan-Sheffield ISD is eligible to vote. You must be registered by Tuesday, October 9 in order to participate in this election. You do not need to be a property owner to vote. Voter registration cards are available at the Administration office.

Where and when can I vote?
Early voting begins Monday, Oct. 22 and ends Friday., Nov. 2. Voters may choose from any of these locations:

Pecos County Courthouse
200 S. Nelson, Fort Stockton, TX Mon., Oct. 22 – Fri., Nov. 2
8 am – 5 pm
(including Sat., Oct. 27 and Sun., Oct. 28)
Iraan Community Center
508 S. Farr, Iraan, TX Mon., Oct. 22 – Fri., Oct. 26
8 am – 12 pm Mon., Oct. 29 – Fri., Nov. 2
1 pm – 5 pm
Sheffield Community Center
321 Pine St., Sheffield, TX Mon., Oct. 22 – Fri., Oct. 26
8 am – 12 pm Mon., Oct. 29 – Fri., Nov. 2
1 pm – 5 pm
Coyanosa Community Center
4646 S. Frank St., Coyanosa, TX Mon., Oct. 22 – Fri., Oct. 26
8 am – 12 pm Mon., Oct. 29 – Fri., Nov. 2
1 pm – 5 pm
Imperial Community Center
208 Allison, Imperial, TX Mon., Oct. 22 – Fri., Oct. 26
8 am – 12 pm Mon., Oct. 29 – Fri., Nov. 2
1 pm – 5 pm

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6 from 7 am – 7 pm at the following precincts. Voters must vote in their specific precinct on Election Day.

Precinct 3 Sheffield Community Center, 321 Pine St., Sheffield, Texas
Precinct 4 Iraan Community Center, 508 S. Farr, Iraan, Texas
Precinct 5 Old Schoolhouse, W. Hwy 11, Girvin, Texas

How will the ballot be worded?

There will be one proposition. Voters will be asked to vote for or against the proposition.